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Read the latest posts.   From fun food facts, cooking tips and food photography come explore and learn with me.  Knowing more about food and how to prepare it makes the cooking experience all the more fun.  I hope through learning you will feel more confident in the kitchen and feel inspired to get creative and try new things .

Hi, I'm Chris!

I started Poetic Road with the desire to share some of my favorite recipes.  Overtime it has also evolved into a space for me to showcase what I do in terms of food art through photography and connect with those seeking food related content.



Want to collaborate?

Looking to get some styled food photos or to have a recipe developed?

I can help!  I create beautiful, high-quality food content for all culinary needs.  Through my love of the culinary arts, I specialize in visuals that showcase food, recipes, and cooking in a creative and poetic way.

My goal is to provide you with mouth-watering visuals and recipes that will leave a lasting impression on all audiences.

Whether you are looking for visuals for your cookbook, blog, website or product photos, I can help. 

Contact me for more information or questions you may have.  It will be my pleasure to connect with you!

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