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Dill Pickles

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:

24 Hour Refrigeration



About the Recipe

As I embark on the delightful journey of discussing pickles, a smile curls upon my lips, for pickles hold a special place in my heart (and taste buds!). You see, I have a bit of a pickle obsession—one might even call it a "pickle predicament." Whether it's dill pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, or even pickled jalapeños, my love for all things pickled knows no bounds. I've been known to sneak into the kitchen late at night, armed with a jar of crunchy delights, savoring each tangy bite as if it were a secret treasure. So, gather 'round, fellow pickle enthusiasts, as we delve into the captivating world of brined cucumbers and their marvelous transformations into delectable treats.


4-5 Lebanese Cucumbers

1 cup White Vinegar (or Pickling Vinegar)

1 cup Boiling Water

1 teaspoon Granulated Sugar

1 tablespoon Mustard Seed

1 tablespoon Coriander Seed

3-5 Whole Cloves

2-3 sprigs of fresh Dill

(a little bit of patience)


Making homemade pickles is so easy. If you are like me, they will disappear so quickly that no extra ''canning' work is necessary. If you do want to can them to be able to shelve them longer, it is important you follow the proper canning steps.

But, for the sake of this recipe, we will simply concentrate on the ingredients and the how-to of making your very own pickles from scratch.

This recipe can be used on other kinds of vegetables too, but my favorite is to use lebanese cucumbers. They make for the perfect size of pickle and have a crunch that can't be beat!

Begin by boiling your water in a small saucepan on the stove. Once your water is boiling, remove it from the heat and stir in the sugar until it has desolved. Add in the vinegar and stir again.

Next, add your coriander seeds and mustard seeds to a jar (any jar will do as long as it has a tight fitting lid.

To the seeds, add in your fresh dill sprigs and cloves.

Cut up your cucumbers. I like to make long wedges, but if you prefer little rounds those work great as well.

Once you have cut up your cucumbers, add them to the rest of your jarred ingredients.

Finally, pour your vinegar mixture over the cucumbers and let sit.

This is where your patience has to come into play.

Once your jar of pickle heaven has cooled down to room temperature. Close the lid and stick them in the refrigirator overnight. I suggest to wait a minimum of 12 hours (or 24 if you can) before digging in. Honestly, the longer you can hold out, the better. It just means the flavors have more time to mingle.

Once your patience can't stand it any longer, dig in!

You'll find out that you may want to double or triple your batch next time.

Bon ap!

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