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Easy Croissant Breakfast Pudding

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Cook Time:

20 Minutes


4 Servings

About the Recipe

Elevate your breakfast or brunch experience with a luscious treat that marries the buttery decadence of croissants with the comfort of baked French toast. One of the many wonderful things about this recipe is that it takes nearly no time to make. No need for fresh croissants, this works wonderfully with those leftover day-old (or few day old) croissants (if you have any).
This easy recipe takes those delicate crescents of flaky pastry, and transforms them into a sumptuous dessert-like delight that's perfect for any occasion. As a clever alternative to traditional French toast, this recipe combines the familiar warmth of cinnamon-spiced custard and maple syrup with the elegance of buttery croissants, resulting in a dish that's both familiar and delightfully novel.
Whether served as a weekend breakfast or a special dessert, this Croissant Pudding promises to captivate your taste buds with its rich flavors and velvety textures.


3-4 "Day Old" Croissants (can be a few days old)

1/2 cup Milk

1/2 cup Cream

2 Eggs

1/2 cup Maple Syrup

1 teaspoon Cinnamon


In a medium bowl whisk together your milk, cream and eggs until eggs are completely blended in. Add in the maple syrup and cinnamon and whisk some more until everything is well incorporated.

In a shallow baking dish, tear up your croissants into large uneven chunks. They don"t need to be pretty. Once your croissants cover the entirety of your baking dish, pour your milky egg mixture over top.

Heat your oven to 350F.

Place your dish on the center rack and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the egg mixture has been cooked through and absorbed.

Let the croissant pudding cool for a few minutes and serve while warm.

I personally like to eat it as is, since there is already maple syrup in the recipe, I do not think it needs more (even though my kids would argue that point).

I do also love to serve it with fresh berries, and if I want to be extra indulgent, a dollop of whipped cream.

Tip: If you want to try something a little different, try sprinkling a little salt and pepper on top. My husband taught me that combo with my french toast when we first met. I can't eat it any other way now. The salt and pepper perfectly compliment the sweetness of the maple syrup, giving you that heavenly sweet and salty combo we all love so much.


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