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Pasta Perfection

Updated: Jan 9

My First Homemade Pasta Adventure!

Fresh fettuccini on a table.

This month, I took on the challenge of making homemade pasta from scratch for the very first time. Prompted by an other food photo challenge, this time the color yellow, I was looking for yellow foods to photograph. As a recipe developer and food photographer, I've always been captivated by the art of pasta-making but for some reason always found the process intimidating. However, the idea of creating silky-smooth strands of pasta, infused with love and crafted to perfection, also felt like a challenge I was finally ready to take on. Join me on this journey as I delve into the world of pasta-making and share the triumphs and lessons learned along the way.

egg yolks being mixed into flour to make pasta

Phase 1: The Excitement Builds

The thought of making homemade pasta had been brewing in my mind for a while. I had researched various pasta recipes, watched countless tutorials, and studied the techniques. I also had a manual pasta machine sitting in my cupboard for the last 20 years. Armed with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm, I gathered my ingredients: all-purpose flour, eggs, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It was finally time to roll up my sleeves and get started!

Kneading dough by hand.  Hands covered in pasta dough and flour.

Phase 2: The Art of Dough Creation

As I mixed the flour and salt together, creating a small well in the center, I cracked in the eggs. It was a magical moment, watching the egg yolks slowly blend with the flour, transforming into a smooth, elastic dough. I kneaded the dough vigorously, my hands covered in flour, until it became supple and slightly tacky. The aroma of freshly made pasta dough filled my kitchen, building anticipation for the final result.

Feeding fresh pasta dough through a pasta machine.

Phase 3: The Art of Rolling

With the dough resting, it was time to tackle the rolling process. I attached my pasta machine to the kitchen counter and divided the dough into manageable portions. The time had come to finally use the machine I had wanted to use for decades. After rolling the dough out with a rolling pin and folding the rounded edges inward, I fed the dough through the roller, adjusting the thickness settings gradually. With each pass, the dough transformed, becoming thinner and more delicate. I marveled at the sheets of pasta emerging before my eyes, ready to be transformed into different pasta shapes.

Pasta machine and various pasta dough on a counter.

Phase 4: Unleashing Creativity

Armed with a ravioli cutter and a newfound sense of creativity, I experimented with various pasta shapes. From classic fettuccine to linguini and ravioli, I tested out my machine as well as cutting out shapes by hand. It was an incredible feeling carefully crafting each piece. The kitchen turned into my pasta workshop, messy with flour and endless fresh pasta, brimming with anticipation for the delicious results to come.

Pasta dough being fed through a pasta machine making fettuccini.

Phase 5: The Taste Test

As the pasta cooked in a large pot of salted boiling water, the air filled with a tantalizing aroma. I prepared a simple sauce of olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs and lemon to complement the homemade pasta. When the pasta was al dente, I carefully transferred it to the pan, allowing the flavors to meld together. With a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and a garnish of fresh parsley, it was time for the moment of truth—the taste test!

A plate of fresh pasta next to green beans.


My first experience making homemade pasta was a journey of discovery, creativity, and ultimately, satisfaction. The process of transforming basic ingredients into a culinary masterpiece was both humbling and empowering. The taste and texture of the homemade pasta surpassed all expectations, proving that the extra effort was undeniably worth it. As I savored each bite, I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of accomplishment. I finally did it, and the end result was amazing!

Fresh pasta on the counter with a wooden rolling pin, eggs and lemon.

Making homemade pasta was so much fun. It is a beautiful and challenging art form—one that I will continue to explore and refine. I encourage you to embark on your own pasta-making adventure and experience the joy of creating something truly special from scratch.

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